1987-10-20 - First Avenue, Minneapolis, USA

2011-06-04 12:47
United States
October 20th, 1987
Bootleg title: 
Minneapolis '87
Line up
Michael Kiske
Kai Hansen
Michael Weikath
Track list

Information Helloween bootleg Minneapolis, USA 1987

Duration: 31 Min

QUALITY (1-10)


Comments about the bootleg

This concert was film in USA, for the tv show called "Headbanger Ball Tv" , in the local "First Avenue" (of Indianapoles), it has an excellent quality because it was film with 5 tv cams,like Köln 92 it could has been official.

The name of the tour was called "Hell on Wheels", and Helloween wasnt not the only band who was playing there. there are bands like Armored Saint y Grim Reaper. It is a pity, that in this concert only play few songs.

The best song in this concert for me is "Halloween" , its amazing, you can see the good friendship between Helloween members. for example: in one part of the song "Halloween" , Michael Kiske was singing and gave the microphone to Michael Weikath to continue the song, and and when Michael Weikath finished to sing the part ''all the passion of glory'' Michael wash the microphone with his hands.and then michael Weikath made jokes to Michi , and the same happened with Kai Hansen, this a good prove of the happy days in HELLOWEEN.

In the beginning of ''a tale that wasn't right '' michael play with a skull and after that he started to throw water to the people (he always did that in his concerts). This concert was edited (ilegal way) in many countries in DVD format, together with Köln 92.

Artwork Helloween Minneapolis '87