1987-08-26 - Arena de Chionso, Reggio Emilia, Italy

2011-05-28 00:28
August 26th, 1987
Bootleg title: 
Reggio Emilia '87
Line up
Michael Kiske
Kai Hansen
Michael Weikath
Track list
Disc 1: 

Duration: 4 min. 36 sg.

QUALITY (1-10): 9

Comments: This video was token from a promotional Vhs edited by an italian magazine wich sponsored Reggio Emilia festival, similar magazines like Kerrang, Metal Hammer do. This vhs contains one song of each band that played in the festival. Nearly all the video is record from far, the stage has not very good ilumination and almost it was at night... The vision goes better when they use planes of the camera near the stage.

It's one of the first concerts from the "Seven Keys Tour '87". In this festival the set list are: "Intro", "I'm Alive", "A Little Time", "Twilight Of The Gods", "Future World", "A Tale That Wasn't Right", "Halloween", "Ride The Sky" and "How Many Tears". The song chosen to edit this video-promo was Twilight... , it sounds nice but Kai´s guitar sounds a bit low in the song and Kiske use so much "falsettos" (he would change this years later).