1987-04-28 - Tor 3, Düsseldorf, Germany

2011-06-04 21:48
April 28th, 1987
Bootleg title: 
Dusseldorf '87
Line up
Michael Kiske
Kai Hansen
Michael Weikath
Track list

Information Helloween bootleg Tor 3, Düsseldorf, Germany 1987

Audience recording.

Duration: 80 Min

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Comments about the bootleg

The show is very similar to that of Tuttlingen 1987. By chance and magically the camera stays static and gets some very good close ups. Although due to the intensity of the lights the image becomes a little diffuse for moments but gaily colorful.

The sound is quite canned but it allows us to appreciate Kiske performing many songs from "Walls of Jericho". "Judas" and "Ride the Sky" are the best.

The voice of Kiske in "A Tale that Wasn't Right" is mighty amazing. The funny thing of the video is to see Kai Hansen jumping all over the stage with such agility that he seems to have springs in his legs. In fact he seemed to be plugged into his own guitar. It's surprising to see Michael hugging and hanging from Weiki´s shoulders during the guitar solo in "Guardians". That's an image that will be kept in our memories.

In this show like in all the others, Kiske is busy throwing water at the fans. Though this time he uses a red bucket. During the song "Halloween" and after emptying it on the audience, he puts the bucket over his head and begins to dance in a bizarre way (a Russian dance?) with Markus, while Hansen and Weikath play their guitar solos. It is worth remarking that the only scenic movement of Kiske in this show consists of taking the mike stand and putting it over his shoulders and then headbanging or shaking his head compulsively.

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