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Unisonic In Different Ways

I was really busy these last few days, so I could not write a blog when I had the idea about the theme. The idea for this blog is about the different ways that Unisonic could go with the second album.

Unisonic and Helloween tour

Hellish rock tour 3 Helloween Unisonic 2015Recently, everybody's talking about the reunion of Helloween with Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen. So I think that may be an interesting topic for my first blog.

Viva Avantasia The Metal Opera!

I was reading today the information about the shows planned by one of my favourite bands; Def Leppard who will play the whole 'Hysteria' album (released in 1987) at Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel and Casino under the name "Viva Hysteria!".