Journeys to Arcadia

Unisonic is Big in Japan

Again a little late, but I need some time to get the right mood for writing such a trour travel, but here is my latest tour impression of Unisonic & Edguy in Japan:


1. Stop: Tokyo, Japan


Slippery when wet in Scandinavia

I’m quite late with this blog, but I needed some time to think about releasing it at all, since my last travel was a little different than expected.

11.December: I started my travel to Scandinavia very early in the morning and with 2 stops, I arrived at my first destination Copenhagen at around 20:00. The travel was nice without any traffic jams or any other problems.

Live in the U.K. again

Wednesday I started my journey to England with my car and sadly the weather was very bad. I had to face a lot of rain on my way through Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France until I reached the Eurotunnel in Calais, France. I have never used it before, but it was really very easy, since I had booked the shuttle ticket before. After buying some stuff in a shop there, the loading of the cars into the train already started.

Shelter from closed main roads

After watching many Avantasia shows, I still have not enough, so I decided to travel to Hellfest in Clisson, France with a short time decision. I started my travel on Thursday to Nantes, where my hotel was. A distance of 950km lied ahead of me and the first I noticed in France, you always have to keep your wallet nearby, because all few kilometers you have to pay for using the highway. Nevertheless, I managed the distance with a few stops and arrived at my hotel in the evening.

The Story ain’t over in Barcelona

After 3000km travelling to Avantasia concerts, I thought after a little break it is time for another story. For Germany very bad weather was announced and I had a long weekend break from job, so I booked my flight to Barcelona. They announced very strong rain for Germany, so I had some fears for my car and my house, but nevertheless more about this later.

My 3000 km travel to Avantasia

1. Stop: Mons, Belgium

Past In Different Travels Part 1

I want to tell a little bit about my live experiences of concerts with Michael Kiske. You probably know that I’m a big fan of his voice, but sadly I could not watch a concert when he was still in Helloween. At that time I was struggling with the illness of my parents and this made it impossible. It was much worse, I already had a ticket for a Helloween concert, but due to the health condition of my parents, I couldn’t go to the concert.

Journeys to Arcadia

Hello, I'm a big fan of Michael Kiske and I follow his carrer since 1988. I first got to know about Helloween and Michael Kiske via the German teenie magazine "Bravo", in which they were featured very often. At that time I was not into metal music at all and preferred pop music like Duran Duran, Kajagoogoo, Modern Talking, Pat Banater and Paul Young. I found a story about Helloween and they were somehow similar dressed like Modern Talking, so I got curious.