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Christmas Metal Symphony will be Kiskelized

Christmas Metal Symphony 2013Today (2013/07/16) I've got the new about Michael Kiske will be part of Christmas Metal Symphony tour on December 2013. They will make at least 8 shows; Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic and Italy, but probably a few more in Belgium and Netherlands at least.

The Forgotten Tracks of Avantasia

Avantasia The Forgotten TracksWe're now in the middle of the Mystery World Tour of Avantasia so I think it's interesting to remark the long catalogue that this project have, and the most important, to make a little tribute to the songs that never were played live and which deserve more attention. Tobias Sammet's Avantasia released six albums and three singles.

Longing for a Kiske acoustic tour

Eric Martin acoustic tourA few weeks ago I've read a live report of a show done by a Kiske partner in the new tour of Avantasia: Eric Martin. Just before the tour of Avantasia started, Eric was doin' some acoustic shows playing stuff of his band Mr. Big but also of his solo career, he did a very nice summary of his repertoire. And I thought... why not a Kiske acoustic tour? would it be interesting?

Lost Avantasians

Lost Avantasians - The Metal Opera-era

Lost Avantasians Tarja Sebastian Bach Bruce Dickinson Hansi Tony MartinCurrently is the turn of Avantasia so I wanted to write a blog related with this project band. Nobody likes to be rejected but that happens to everybody sooner or later so I will try to tell which musicians rejected the offer of Tobias to be guest in Avantasia and not only in the Metal Operas, also in the other albums.

During the Metal Opera, Tobias had problems with some vocalists who agreed to make this collaboration, but later didn't do it, for example Tarja ex-Nightwish, Hansi Kürsch of Blind Guardian and Daniel Zimmerman of Gamma Ray. Others rejected for time schedule problems like Rob Halford (Judas Priest), Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Zachary Stevens (Savatage), Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids) and Ronnie James Dio (Rainbow, Black Sabbath) who was out on tour. Tony Martin (Black Sabbath) didn't want to do it, and Eric Adams (Manowar) never answered.

It's a Bird.. It's a Plane.. No it's SupaRed

Supared KiskeOn this day, 10 years ago, SupaRed CD was released, so I want to comment a few things about this album. With many differences this is the Kiske album which is really underestimated and it's unfair because is not a bad album at all. On this blog I will give my arguments to defend this album.

About a Helloween reunion with Kiske

Kiske Weikath reunionThe Spanish webzine Rafabasa.com did an interview with Michael Weikath (Helloween's guitarist) where he talked about Michael Kiske and about a hyphotetical reunion of Helloween with Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske.<

Call it Ernie but is Kiske

Tobias Sammet Avantasia Ernie KiskeI've found something strange checking magazines/reviews of Avantasia's Metal Opera part I era. I thought Kiske used 'Ernie' pseudonym because he was workin' in SupaRed album and being in Tobi's Metal Opera could confuse fans about what/how would sound the Supalbum.

Kiske/Issa project

Kiske Issa OversveenWe already know that Amanda was not the first choice for being the female vocalist and here are the other options.

Breeze was the first one!

Metal Maniac magazine Kiske 2008In the neverending search of information about Kiske on magazines, I've found something very interesting and new. If I would ask to everything for the first band of Kiske, I'm sure everybody would say Ill Prophecy, well so, everybody (me included) are wrong.

Why Kai Hansen left Helloween

Bravo magazine Helloween David HasselhoffAfter 23 years of Kai Hansen's departure of Helloween, there were hundreds of explanations about why he left the band when they were in the best moment, more or less everybody knows the real reasons; Kai was tired of doin' extensive touring, also the mess that Helloween had with different managements...