Being True With Myself

Once a king, always a king! Unisonic @Monsters Of Rock - Brazil

Before the line up from the Brazillian edition from "Monsters Of Rock" would be released, I'm not anxious to go to the concert. Everything changed when Unisonic confirmed its presence in this festival.

Kiske or Weikath? I prefer both!

Samii Mittelstaedt blog Weikath or KiskeEverybody knows the "fight" between the two Michael's (Kiske and Weikath). And everybody knows there are many fans (of better fan-atics) who condole yourselves by your idols.

And when you are fan of both and you're obligated to read a lot of bullshits even conspiration's theory about the Kiske's replacement?

Kiske: the voice! The voice, the voice! Hallellujah!

June 29th, once again, Michi will be among the Brazilian fans. When I heard he would return to the stages with Avantasia, I never loved Tobias more than this time. Unfortunately, I couldn't go the concert. I was devastated 'cause I thought I'd never have the chance to see the Master on stages. But in 2011 it was revealed that he joined in a new band and later, Kai Hansen joins the line-up. I couldn't have imagined anything better: it was almost back to the golden years of Helloween!