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Michael Kiske about Keeper-era to Rockmetal4you:

"I must say that even the negative things have turned out good in the end. I learned a lot by it and I grow as a person. There is just one thing I find very sad and that is I think that the Helloween of the Keeper-years with Kai Hansen, Ingo … you know, the Helloween of the Keeper-time was lasting too short. I think we just started and then it was over. I think we should have done at least two more records. That's the thing I find really sad. Bands like Iron Maiden they've gone full circle, you know. They have had their peak and they made their best records, they have told the story. They have said everything that they can say musically in my opinion. Helloween … I mean Helloween of the Keeper-time, because todays Helloween is a different band … I think the Helloween of that era we never really said everything we had to say, artistically and that's very sad."

Kai Hansen: "We like the idea that people don't know exactly how to classify us. We've never done things like other bands. We don't sit around listening to the radio or reading the sales charts trying to figure out how we should look and what we should play. Too many bands today are simply trying to repeat successful formulas. That's not for us. We're trying to do something very different with our music."

Michael Weikath: "Helloween takes its music very seriously but we have a good time too. We don't see anything wrong with that. Our goal is just to make sure the fans are laughing with us, not at us."

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