Michael Kiske about Avantasia

Michael Kiske commented about Avantasia in 2013 to RockMetal4you:

"When you look at the first Avantasia record, we recorded in 1998 – that was in a phase where I was still pretty angry and I did not want to have much to do with the Metal scene anymore. It was just the time where I wasn't ready, so I didn't want to do it at first. But I liked Tobi (Sammet), I just liked his attitude, I just liked the way he just called me up and he was just straight forward and I liked his sense of humor and I just liked his personality. So I said: „OK, I'll do it, but I'll do it just for you and you call me Ernie on the record.“ I know, it's quite funny, but in those days it was something I wanted to have there. When you look at it, how successful Avantasia got over all the years. We can headline festivals all over the world and play venues with 4.000 people, which not many bands can do. It's beautiful and the thing is: 2010 I said finally „yes“ to play live with them. Tobi asked me before the first tour , because I was part of the first record already, but I wasn't ready. He offered me a lot of money, but I turned it out, because I just wasn't ready, I didn't want to go on tour. But in 2010 I said „yes, OK“. That was like medicine to me, it just felt right and then there was Kai on stage and we started to talk to do something again and that's how Unisonic got Kai into the band. So it's not only I'm now very happy to be part of Avantasia. It is just too much fun to tour the world with them. It was the first time I got on stage again."

Michael Kiske commented about touring with Avantasia in 2013 to Blogtalkradio:

"I would call Avantasia payed holidays. You maybe sing like 6-7 bits/pieces here and there. And you sleep in expensive hotels, travel all those countries and meet people. This is really not hard work. But what makes Avantasia tough, is the travelling and the lack of sleep. That's all and joining stages is just fun."


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