About a Helloween reunion with Kiske

Kiske Weikath reunionThe Spanish webzine Rafabasa.com did an interview with Michael Weikath (Helloween's guitarist) where he talked about Michael Kiske and about a hyphotetical reunion of Helloween with Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske.

Michael Weikath about Kiske being in Unisonic: "It's good and many fans were waiting for this. Also somehow Unisonic is related with Helloween, there is a kind of reunion because Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen are together after so many years. It's very interesting for the people and of course I think this is also positive for Michael because it's not good being at home without knowing what's going on out there. Now he can see the affection of fans and he can get feedback, that's important I think. It's difficult to know how would be the performance on stage because the drummer is of Pink Cream 69 then the band was joined Kai Hansen... they wrap Michael very well. The thing is also great for the fans and it's working very well I would not say anything bad about them at all!"

Michael Weikath about a Helloween reunion: "It could be.. but I only know the management is planning something but I'm not sure if it would take place in 2014 because it is something that can not be forced and I also think that Michael has a personal problem with me that has to be solved first. Anyway is not a problem for me, we could make it even without talking before but if he needs to talk about what was wrong in the past so I'm ready to talk about it.

It has to be with Dani on drums or Kosta for obvious reasons, Ingo is not alive, and its not neccesary to be a standard reunion but Kai and Michael joining together with the actual line up or something like that. But I don't know why people talk about it in 2014, it could be in 2015 or later, who knows? Is is not our idea to realize it in 2013 or 2014 but we have some ideas for the future and this is one absolutely."

According what some journalists published or spread previously (for example in Rafabasa.com) it seems the main idea of that reunion it would be something like a long show (3-hours) with three different parts; a first part singing Kai Hansen stuff of Walls of Jericho, then Kiske singing stuff of his era, and other part with the current Helloween line-up, that could happen according that rumour in 2015 for the Helloween 30th anniversary.

And what Kiske said lately about a reunion? He said to Rockpages.gr (February, 2012):

Michael Kiske: "I have the best part of Helloween in my band now! It’s not really necessary to do a reunion. I am not friend with Mr. Weikath. I have always had a good relationship with Kai. Now, with Kai in the band we have every right to play songs from the Helloween days….just for fun. Songs that Kai has written or I have written. Of course, we won’t play anything that Weikath has written! But the key tracks from the past, at least the majority of them, were written by Kai. We could play those songs live but I don’t see any reason for a reunion. I know the press would love that but trust me it wouldn’t be that fun. Let me tell you…just for the music, I would love to sing 'Eagle Fly Free' as it was always one of my favorite tunes. The things that went on between me and Weikath…I don’t forget that! I’ve never been more betrayed by any person…so, I don’t see that (reunion) happening to be honest with you."

But Michael didn't refuse to have a talk with Weikath, Kiske commented to MetalCommand.net webzine (April 2012):

"...Honestly, I think is necessary that one day me and Weikath meet up and have a bit of a talk as long as it is honest from his end. I'm always honest, I never wear a mask, but him you never know. I have had my experiences with him, but as long as he would honestly would like to talk things out, I would do that. That would not mean, I would make music with him. But to get things out of the way, I wouldn't mind. That never happened and a lot of things were never cleared, you know. So it kind of still stands there, some very bad experiences that are not totally solved, even if time heals wounds."

Rockfabrik magazine 1994 Helloween Kiske DerisMeanwhile Andreas Deris (current Helloween's vocalist) had a really strange answer when the journalist Ant May of Planetmosh.com asked to him for a tour of Helloween with Unisonic (November 2012).

Deris: "Honesty, believe me I've tried, I've tried. It would be so great for the fans to see Michael together with Weikath, Markus and Kai and I would definately step back and play the guitar somewhere in the back  and let the people enjoy for 2-3 songs with the original singer. But so far I think Michael (Kiske) is still... proud (reluctant). We are still workin' on it."

Also in another interview for Rockone.fr he commented that he prefered touring with Unisonic than with Gamma Ray (December 2012)

Deris: "We definately will have some party going on with Kai together. Unfortunately is with Gamma Ray again and not Unisonic with Michael Kiske and Kai and bring them up on stage. I personally would step back and play 2-3 songs only guitar and let them sing and do the show. I would have so much fun, but, it's not the time. He is still not able to do that."

And another interview with him done by Tvrocklive, a video interview  where he explains the same more or less (December 2012):

Deris: "My personal dream would be a Hellish Rock Part III together with Michael Kiske maybe the next time we would have support of Unisonic. And maybe then we could fulfill the dream for everybody it would be the whole old Helloween band, unfortunally without Ingo but it would be a dream come true for the people."

Kiske  in a interview done by the Brazilian Facebook group Faces In The Night commented about this quotes of Andreas Deris talking of touring Unisonic with Helloween (December 2012):

Kiske: "You never know, but it would be a little strange for me at the moment ... weird idea somehow ... really don't know yet ..."

Kai Hansen also commented commented to Carl Begai of Bravewords.com about a reunion (December 2012).

Kai Hansen: "It's wishful thinking, and of course it might be in everybody's mind wondering what it would sound like now. There's no guarantee that that kind of magic would come back again if we did it. It might work, I don't know. It's all speculation. I won't say it won't happen but I won't say it will happen, either. And definitely, Michael would have to settle some issues before that would happen at all. Let's see what the future holds."

And Markus Grosskopf what did he say? Well, for Rock Overdose he commented about a reunion (December 2012).

Markus Grosskopf: "I would not say no to an anniversary reunion show."