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 Unisonic (2014/07/05): Unisonic already recorded their 2nd album. After release the EP titled 'For The Kingdom' on May 23rd, Unisonic will release the new album titled Light Of Dawn (Listen the samples here) on August 1st in Europe, on August 4th in UK, August 12nd in USA and on July 23rd on Japan. Dennis Ward commented: "Full force now into the next Unisonic Production!!! I've never had such an efficient pre-production/songwriting session in my career." Unisonic booked some festivals to promote the new album & EP, check the tour dates.

 Starchild (2014/04/14): Sandro Giampietro (guitarist of Supared and Kiske solo albums) is starting a new band with Jens Becker (Running Wild, Grave Digger), Michael Ehre (Gamma Ray) and Esmeralda. Michael Kiske is the guest in their first album singing a duet on the track: 'Black And White Forever'. The album was already released.

 Kiske/Somerville (2014/07/01):   Recordings started on April 14th according Mat Sinner and it will be released in October. Mat Sinner commented about the sequel: "I could listen again to the Kiske/Somerville 2 pre-production and I'm really excited about the songs and attitude. This album will be massive! 'City Of Heroes' and 'Ocean Of Tears' are two of the best songs I've ever written with my my partner in crime Magnus Karlsson."

 Kiske Solo Album (2013/11/04): Michael Kiske will continue working with the guitarist Sandro Giampietro in his next solo album (the sixth solo album). Kiske: "I am considering is to release it on iTunes one song every month, completely independent and free from any interference by a label."

 Place Vendôme (2013/11/03): The third album of Place Vendôme Thunder In The Distance was released on November, 1st. The Japanese edition on October 23rd with bonus 'Maybe Tomorrow - Orchestral Version'. Composers are M. Karlsson, T. Tolkki, A. Del Vecchio, Tommy Denander, Sören Kronqvist, Cantarelli, Roberto Tiranti and Brett Jones.

Unisonic Light Of Dawn

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